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Is Peter Luger Looking to Open in Midtown Manhattan?

Is Peter Luger Looking to Open in Midtown Manhattan?

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This would be the fabled steakhouse’s first Manhattan outpost

The original Peter Luger started out as a German hangout in 1887.

Peter Luger Steak House has firmly established itself as one of, if not the, best steakhouses in the country. In business since 1887 on a quiet corner in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood, the restaurant, and its legendary porterhouse, has consistently brought in massive crowds. It would seem obvious that they’d be ripe for expansion, and we’ve heard a rumor from a credible source that they’re in fact looking to open a Manhattan location, inside the new Marriott Hotel that just opened on the corner of Broadway and 54th Street.

The fabled restaurant already has a second outpost, on Long Island, so they’re not averse to expansion. Still, when reached for comment a rep from the restaurant firmly denied the rumor: "That information is totally false," we were told. Representatives from Marriott didn’t respond to our inquiries before press time.

The 68-story high-rise hotel, which is home to both a Residence Inn and Courtyard by Marriott, contains 639 guest rooms and suites, and is the tallest hotel in the Western Hemisphere. Plans do call for a restaurant on the second floor, and a prestigious location like this would be a perfect location for a restaurant as prestigious as Peter Luger.

NYC Steakhouse Stunt: A Wax Don Draper Hanging At The Bar

Brooklyn’s famed Peter Luger Steak House has teamed with Madame Tussauds to have celebrity wax figures mingle with patrons, promoting the easing of coronavirus pandemic restrictions on indoor dining in New York City.

A wax Jon Hamm — known for his portrayal of ad executive Draper in the hit TV series “Mad Men” — could be found at the restaurant’s bar Friday with a cocktail in hand. Other figures on loan from Madame Tussauds include Michael Strahan, Jimmy Fallon, Al Roker and Audrey Hepburn in Holly Golightly of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” mode.

Peter Luger “thought this would be a fun, safe way to fill some of the seats that need to remain empty as we continue to fight the pandemic,” said restaurant vice president Daniel Turtel.

As of Friday, restaurants in the city were allowed to fill 35% of their indoor seats, up from 25% previously.

Peter Luger, in business for more than 130 years, will keep the mannequins until today. After that, they’ll return to the recently reopened Madame Tussauds in midtown Manhattan.

Peter Luger

Im looking for a good porterhouse for my 30th birthday. Everywhere I look at steakhouses i keep finding good and indifferent reviews for various places. I know its gonna cost a fair bit of cash so I want somwhere nice for my money but I cannot find menu prices for Peter Luger.

I am looking at a couple of starters, porterhouse for two, couple of sides, bottle of house wine. How much plus tax/tip?

For that sort of meal is Peter Luger my best bet or should I look elsewhere, I want good quality steak, friendly atmosphere, good service and not feel like I have overspent on something I might have got better elsewhere for the same/similar price.

Peter Luger's is great but for comparison sake take a look at Ben Bensons on 52nd street. I don't eat steak these days but used to be a frequent visitor back in the day. at either place if you really need to ask how much it may not be the right place for you..there is a reason there are no prices on the menu. both are expensive---- and for heaven sakes don't plan anything else that night as a meal at either place is an event to savor. Have fun because for your 60th birthday you probably be eating more sensibly.

This link will give you some idea about prices - the Porterhouse steak for two is about $81.00.

Takes only cash or their own Peter Luger credit card.

I've had their steak and wow - it is incredible. I'm not a big steak eater and I haven't eaten at any of the newer steakhouses - though I have eaten at Smith and Wollensky and Spark's - and, Peter Luger.

The atmosphere at Peter Luger is pretty much as described as in the article - it does not have a refined, quiet sophistication - which is one of the reasons I rather liked it.

Cheers for the replies, only my 30th blimin09. sure i can still put away a steak :)

I have been to quite a few of the New York steakhouses and have yet to have anything less than a great steak. The waiters at Peter Lugers were not the friendliest on our visit, though the steak was faultless. For atmosphere I really enjoyed Palm Too. On my upcoming trip I would like to try Wolfgangs-started by ex-Peter Luger staff.

I really love BLT Steak - I just cant wrap my brain around going to Brooklyn for a steak with gruff waiters at a place that only takes cash. Of course, I have no problem going to much more inconvenient Red Hook for Latino food!

My brother and his family are major steak people. We went to Keens for New Years and they thought it was good, but all agreed its no Luger. They havent been to BLT Steak however. Their porterhouse for 2 is wonderful! And, the service is great, and they take credit cards!

There is a distinct difference between a Keens steak and a Luger steak. My experience of Keens is that the steak is extremely tender -- you could cut it with your butter knife -- but it does not have that intense, ultimate-steaky-goodness flavor that you will find at Luger's.

Peter Luger has great steaks but they really suck in the way they deal with reservations.. if you call, they will quote you 5pm or 10pm.. and are they fully booked? NO! They do this as they save the normal dining times for their buddies and regulars. This is NOT the way to do business.

Luger's you need to get a reality check! You aren't the only sizzling porterhouse (yawn yawn..) steakhouse in New York anymore. When I last went, your new dining section was only half full..

So why the attitude?? It's really old school to treat your customers like this.. and they may never come back. Hey, but why do you care? Your dining rooms is half empty anyway, right.

When I have eaten at Peter Luger's I went around 8 p.m. and had a reservation - I did not have to chose between those two times and neither has anyone else I know that still frequent them because they remain steak eaters. gotta say, just thinking about their porterhouse is making me hungry for it again.

It's a particular type of experience - which is why I like it so much - it's like no other place.

Peter Lugers, for Steak lovers, pure and simple, no frills or fancy stuff, incomparable. After many, many years and numerous visits, I still have it medium rare, and you should stay off the potatos, needless filling up, you don't need it .

I don't know if Peter Luger's still does it but I really appreciated the slanted "plate" for my steak that allowed the juices to seep away from beneath the steak so it didn't sit in its juices -

Peter lugers

Is peter lugers a must visit? and what steakhouse do you recommend?

I don't think anything is a must visit but we love Peter Luger's. They have the greatest steaks everthe Porterhouse for 2 is sublime. A lot of posters seem to prefer more luxurious surroundings for a steakhousewe would rather have great food. This restaurant only takes cash or you can open a house account and charge it. Good steak is expensive here so be prepared.

Some people love it. I did not. It's low key (no dressing up required), lots of testosterone (not a single female employee to be seen anywhere -- that kind of says it all), and they're very pushy about getting you to order as much as possible. There is something just not right about a place that doesn't accept credit cards, imho. Some of the food brought to the table was not hot. I expected much more from the place and would never go back. If you like the wild west (maybe a mangy cat might stroll in, can't be sure) and an overabundance of male energy, it could be fine.

A must visit--no. Worth a visit: yes. Peter Luger's has long been considered by many to be the top streak house in NY. Others disagree, and even Luger fans admit that traveling to Williamsburg and back can be a pain. Bottom line is that there are several excellent steak houses in Manhatten : Keens, Sparks and Maloney and Porcelli to name three that I like. I don't thiink the difference, if there is a difference, between Luger's and other top rated places is worth it's inconvenient location ( even now when Williamsburg is trendy).

We have been there and I also would not return it’s ok my husband loves steaks. He has some great ones according to him he loved The Post House which is not open anymore but we now like PorterHouse and The Palm and The Old Homestead. i enjoy the burger there it’s amazing it’s expensive but worth it

Decent steak, nothing mindblowing and definitely nothing special that I couldn't get in Manhattan. Absolutely not worth the inconvenience of trekking out there and trying to overlook the terrible ambiance.

We are not huge meat eaters so don't do steak houses a lot. Peter Luger is the epitome of the sawdust on the floor, testosterone filled gigantic hunks of red meat with massive side orders (the steak comes with just a plate so prices are very high) that are a trek from midtown. OK for a group of guys who are huge meat eaters - I would not reco to anyone else.

There are many more steakhouses with steaks just as good that are more convenient and more pleasant. Keens is a favorite that is quite traditional but much more civilized than Peter Luger. And there are a host of other choices in Manhattan - some even quite trendy.

Dang! All of this is really making me want to go to Peter Luger’s. if only it weren’t so hard to get there from Brooklyn.

Peter Luger's is iconic but there are many other great steak houses in NYC.

I've lived in or near NYC since 1963 and have only gone once. By all accounts, it is very much today as it was in 1968.

I went a few months ago and was surprised at how average the steaks were. Overcooked, burnt crust

Once a king is crowned here, nothing can replace it.

Not even when the owner leaves and opens a place next door (Grimaldi’s)

I was waiting for someone to come along with the correct name. :)

Peter Luger. Now you all have extra apostrophes and a spare "s" you can use later. :)

Luger's Special German Fried Potatoes

OH MY GOD. HOW DID I GO 30 YEARS WITHOUT TRYING THIS PLACE? This is the absolute best steakhouse in the world. If I come with people, I order the Porterhouse for Two, creamed spinach, german fried potatoes , the Holy Cow sundae. If I'm alone I order the lunch strip steak with fries .

I have tried many times at home to replicate this simple goodness but I don't know how they get it so perfect. Is it the broilers? It is the expertise of the chef? Is it the quality of the meat? I don't know, but I will always try to stop by here whenever my wallet can handle it.

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  • Matthew M.
  • Queens, Queens, NY
  • 7 friends
  • 130 reviews
  • 3851 photos
  • Elite ’21

For the most part, the Peter Luger's in Brooklyn is better than the one in Great Neck. The service was good as usual, but the food is the greatest fault, and that what separates this location from the original Brooklyn one. For the thick cut bacon, it lost its potency and wasn't as good as the Brooklyn location. For the steak, it's a bit like it hasn't lived up to its expectation like a steak, but barely aged. For the sides, it's even worse. The German fried potatoes were very dry and barely inedible, while the others were the usual, but very hard to mess up overall. The service was good, despite the usual crowds at the front. But overall, go to the Williamsburg location to get Peter Lugers, NOT the Great Neck location.

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  • Jessica L.
  • Bayside, NY
  • 400 friends
  • 259 reviews
  • 620 photos
  • Elite ’21

When in doubt, this is my favorite steakhouse in the area. Every time I'm craving steak, they do not disappoint and no other steakhouse in the area compares in my opinion. Definitely make reservations ahead of time, as they're always pretty full capacity.

They're an old fashioned steakhouse with only the simplest menu items. I always get the steak for two, three, etc. The meat is cooked a perfect medium rare as I like it, flavorful and mouthwatering. For sides, I always get the creamed spinach. It's not too heavy like most restaurants and it's so addictive! The German fried potatoes are also really good.

The service is unmatched and all the waiters have been there for years. It's a sense of hospitality and brings a great experience to every meal. They don't take credit card so make sure you have cash handy!

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  • Chi-Hui Y.
  • Seattle, WA
  • 316 friends
  • 17 reviews
  • 48 photos

It was a snowy Sunday night and our flight back home got cancelled, so we decided to treat ourselves with something great. The one in Williamsburg apparently wouldn't work and we managed to reserve a table of 5 at 8:45 pm at Great Neck.

It was almost an empty room when we went in. Probably because of this, we got a fantastic service where almost 5 servers were eager to help with us lol

We all know that Peter Luger is infamous for its bad attitude and horrible service, and my experience in the Williamsburg joint before matched this expectation. However, our main waiter this time was super funny, making jokes and answering any questions we had which made the ambience delightful.

We ordered the Porterhouse for 3. For the sides, we had sizzling bacon, Caesar salad, onion rings for 2 and the German fried potatoes . The waiter made a mistake and also gave us another fried potatoes .

The T-bone for three is a pretty good portion for 5 people. The dry-aged beef is their signature and it was delicious and impressive as usual. However, our meat toward the bone was SO burned out that we had to cut off a decent amount of burned meat before we ate. Except for that, it was still a solid main dish.

On the other hand, we ordered WAY too many sides, and none of them was particularly impressive. We ordered the sizzling bacon just for ppl who hadn't tried it before but it's too heavy and oily for me. The next time I'll probably skip all of the fried stuff and order the Caesar salad with the steak just to pretend to be healthy.

The waiter was super nice and tried to help us getting two receipt with different numbers for our reimbursement purpose. The accountant at the register was obviously unhappy about it and gave us a super dirty face when she was told to do so and slammed her stuff on her little table. At that moment, I felt that I was suddenly thrown back to the Williamsburg joint and had an 'authentic' experience in dining at Peter Luger )

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  • Jessica B.
  • Bronx, NY
  • 14 friends
  • 56 reviews
  • 3 photos

So here we are! I tried the world-famous Peter Luger Steakhouse. I went here per my father's request (it's was his birthday weekend so it was really his choice). When we went there there was valet parking. That was cool and we were greeted by a friendly hostess and staff. Now onto the food. I don't remember our waiter's name, but honestly he didn't seem too interested in us. I tried the bread basket which was okay. We ordered a steak for two with a side of special German fried potatoes and creamed spinach and of course we got the steak show with the sizzling plate and the waiter serving us the steak with the sides. It was pretty cool. Now onto the meat. I will say I'm usually not a fan of porterhouses but this is one of the most tender and tastiest steaks I've ever had. As for the sides, the potatoes were awesome but the creamed spinach left more to be desired. I didn't taste any cream in the spinach. Honestly it tasted like the spinach you get out of a can. All in all would I kill myself to go back? No, but at least I can say I dined at Peter Lugers.

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  • Joy G.
  • New York, NY
  • 1327 friends
  • 957 reviews
  • 339 photos
  • Elite ’21

Before anyone accuses me of blasphemy, yes, the steak here is 5 stars and I don't even like beef all that much. This is the gold standard, people. As soon as you step out into the parking lot, the scent of meat is so fragrant that, particularly on an empty stomach, you wonder if it's possible to bottle it and market it as a perfume. And when the waiter hefts it over on a sizzling platter and barks at you to not touch because the plate is really, REALLY hot, you just want to put your face over it and enjoy a steam bath. Words seriously cannot describe how good the steak is. If you order the porterhouse for two, you even have the pleasure of picking up the bone caveman-style and gnawing away at the best part of the meat. You know the meat is good when you don't need to add anything at all. So much craftsmanship in one bite.

Don't sleep on the lamb chops either. I usually find lamb to be way too gamey but these were perfection.

But I can't credibly give PL five stars when a lot of other things on the menu are so extremely overpriced that it borders on the obscene. Take the sliced tomatoes. For one person (half of a tomato?) - it's $10. For two, it's $16. And I know it can't be because of the sauce because that came with the house bread (which, while we're on the topic, was a little cold and dry). Or the side of fresh broccoli - a whopping $10. If I could manage it without keeling over from the sheer need of putting something green in my body, I would eat just the meat and the special German fried potatoes , which were heavenly.

Way too stuffed to even think about ordering dessert but, no worries, they give you some cute chocolate gold coins. We had a bit of the schlag as part of a birthday surprise - never a huge fan of whipped cream but I liked it for how not overly sweet it was.

Definitely a must-try for anyone who appreciates steak.

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  • Emily C.
  • Queens, NY
  • 66 friends
  • 424 reviews
  • 3831 photos
  • Elite ’21

Came here for dinner and must say that it is an experience but it's not mind blowing. I made a reservation for 6:45 (apparently they don't take reservations on the hour) and was seated around 7. The tables are nicely presented and the seats are comfortable despite it being an old-style steakhouse.

The service is alright. The waiter who served my table seemed to have a mean humor that was not pleasant in the beginning but I think he noticed that we were annoyed by it cause he seemed to become nicer later in the meal. He even asked if we owned a dog (which we did) and gave us some bones to bring home.

Food Comments:
- Complimentary bread rolls were served to all tables with a piece of butter for each person. The rolls come in a variety but I was disappointed by how cold it was. They also have crackers that you can ask for which were basically just crackers with sesame seeds and other seasonings.
- The sizzling bacon is delicious. They were salty, as expected, and crispy on the outside while still thick enough to taste meaty.
- Steak is practically all medium rare. We ordered porterhouse steak for 4 with a request for one of the steaks to be medium but it really made no difference. The steak is delicious but not particularly outstanding. It was kind of chewy towards the middle but I did enjoy the char on the outside. Some pieces do get dry after being out but you can pour some of the oil on the plate back on top or just use their special steak sauce, which is great.
- Lamb chops were delicious and tender.
- Creamed spinach is super creamy and flavorful.
- French fried potatoes were great as well. They were thick cuts of fries which a crunch on the ends but mostly soggy, but I didn't mind cause they were perfect for soaking up the steak juices.
- German fried potatoes were alright. It was basically just home fries and onions.

They end the meal by giving the table gold covered chocolate coins with the Peter Luger logo on it. They don't take credit cards which is pretty crazy considering how high the bill comes out to be. They also have valet parking on the side. Overall, a pricey steakhouse but up to you if you want the experience of the hype or just save your money to go somewhere much cheaper.

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  • Biana G.
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • 550 friends
  • 254 reviews
  • 457 photos
  • Elite ’21

My absolute favorite steakhouse. Get the porterhouse every time. it's the most juicy and tender, yet crunch and crispy steak I have ever had. Peter Luger fires up their porterhouse at extremely high temperatures that conventional ovens cannot reach, which results in perfection. Other must-trues include the burger, lamb lollypops, and thick cut bacon. The tomato and onions with the famous Luger sauce is a great way to start the meal in addition to shrimp cocktail. For sides, you can't go wrong with the creamed spinach and German fried potatoes . Make sure to leave room for dessert because the apple strudel and pecan pie are both exceptional! The restaurant also offers a side of their homemade whipped cream, which is beyond words delicious!!

I've been to both the Williamsburg and Great Neck location and I'm partial to the Great Neck location because there is more availability for walk-ins and reservation slots.

Service is some of the best. Wise staff that is attentive and can offer fantastic wine recommendations.

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The name "Peter Luger" is a LEGEND. Best Steakhouse for the last 125 Years. This is my favorite steakhouse. They serve 6 weeks dry aged steaks. Love the German Fried Potatoes and Cream Spinach combo with the porterhouse for 2. Sometimes there is a wait even after you make reservation. But who cares! There is a wait for a reason. People love their steaks. The servers are very professional. The hostess and hosts always greet us with a smile. I don't see that often. So, when they invite me to the restaurant, I feel very welcomed.

This place gives you the class Decor of 19th century. Love the traditional look. Really sets up the mood. I always go here for valentines day, birthdays, anniversaries, mothers day, most holidays you name it.

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  • Jazz C.
  • Manhattan, NY
  • 2 friends
  • 224 reviews
  • 828 photos

I prefer this Luger to the Brooklyn one. Better atmosphere and service. Yes, it is farther from the city but a quick LIRR ride to Great Neck and a cab/uber will get you there as quickly as going from midtown to downtown at most hours. They have valet parking if you are going to drive. The steak is great but you can get comparable steak at other well known steakhouses in the city for less. So you pay a premium to eat at one of the best known steakhouses in the city and US. And you can use a credit card at other places. Here it is only cash (or debit if you ask) which I always found annoying. We had the Peter Luger cab reserve 2015. At about $70-80 it is a solid Napa cab but not "reserve" quality by any means. You can't go wrong with the thick bacon and onion/tomatoes to start, and the German fried potatoes and cream spinach for sides. Cheesecake, apple strudel and Holy Cow sundae to finish. Desserts are ok but the whipped cream that came with it is excellent. I would give this place 5 stars if prices were closer to other great steakhouses.

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  • Abby Y.
  • Corona, NY
  • 38 friends
  • 122 reviews
  • 64 photos

3.5 Super bustling so watch where you stand, a waiter zooming by may crash into you. Service is to the point, bordering curt.

Came here for my birthday dinner and had the steak for two with German fried potatoes and creamed spinach as sides because of all the amazing reviews. It was good but nothing special and certainly not worth the price.

I think this establishment may float on its reputation rather than the food.

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I have been coming here for years with family and friends and everytime I do I thoroughly enjoy the meal from start to finish. Usually when I come here we stick to the Steak for two(medium or medium rare) with a side of creamed spinach and the german fried potatoes or french fries . We have gotten the bacon and the Luger salad which have been very good but not something I get everytime as I am really here for that porterhouse for two steak. The sides are very good, the creamed spinach is delicious and is the best classic creamed spinach I have had. The potatoes and fries are solid nothing really going crazy about, but the steak is the star of the show. Always served piping hot and dripping with flavor and juices. While some people prefer steaks rubbed or seasoned with different flavors, i prefer a classic old fashion steak with no thrills and this steak if perfect for me. I have had Del Friscos which also is very delicious but it hasn't brought the consistency which Lugers does. Everytime I know that steak is going to be 5 stars good. The ambiance here is great, not a fancy steakhouse feel but that of an old fashion german restaurant. Overall this is the best steakhouse I have been to to date but Del Frisco's in the city is right there along with it. Either way Peter Lugers has some of the best steak out there and i highly recommend.

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  • Candice M.
  • Kew Gardens, Queens, NY
  • 180 friends
  • 85 reviews
  • 1111 photos
  • Elite ’21

I have been to both Peter Luger locations and while they have such different ambiances, the food is honestly the same at each restaurant. This location is quiet and calmer than the Brooklyn location. I would bring family here and co-workers to the other location. Not sure which one I would bring a boss to, it would depend on our dynamics.

I have done the burger for lunch a few times. Pretty solid burger, definitely always order it on the rare side with the onions. I usually hate huge raw onions but these are beautifully sweet and crunchy.

The bacon is the only thing you should order next to the porterhouse-rare only! Well, that's untrue. You should get the german fried potatoes and the schlag with coffee for dessert. I also love the chopped salad with bacon and the house red wine-cabernet sauvignon.

The waiters are either quiet and courteous or long island-boisterous friendly either way.

It can be slow service but sometimes they are crazy fast. Word to the patient, letting the steak sit in the plate with the juices allows the flavors to really soak in. I always throw my steak back on it if they plate it for me. It also allows it to cook a little more which works for me cause I don't love rare-rare meat, but I still want it juicy.

An expensive and long dinner, cash/check/debit only, good for special occasions. The burgers for lunch aren't a total hit on the bank but certainly is a lot for a burger.

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  • Mj O.
  • New Hyde Park, NY
  • 597 friends
  • 36 reviews
  • 42 photos

Coming from the south, i have high expectation for so called high-end steak with incredibly flavor (these are the words my friends used to describe this place). Peter Luger exceeded my expectations. I've been to around 7-9 steak houses in NY in my 3 years here and PL's takes the number one spot. This place gives Oklahoma and Texas steakhouses a run for its money. I've been to both the great neck location and Brooklyn location and the service and quality are both impeccable.

My best recommendation is to pair the steak with the creamed spinach and the German fried potatoes .

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  • Krystal Y.
  • Long Island, NY
  • 680 friends
  • 133 reviews
  • 257 photos

Not sure why it took me so long to finally write a review but here it is.

Peter Luger's is my favorite steak house. hands down. The classic, traditional feel and service can't be beat, plus the steak is incredible each and every time. I usually visit here twice a year - one visit for my birthday, and one for new year's eve. Here's a list of tips to help you have the best meal ever.

- The bacon is a must-have. The pricing on menu is for one slice but if you love bacon, you need to order.
- Jumbo shrimp cocktail, yes yes yes! So delicious and I definitely love ordering this every time I visit.
- Order the steak however you prefer your steak to be cooked. I personally think it's most delicious and tender at medium rare.
- Must have side: creamed spinach. Secondary sides: German fried potatoes and/or onion rings.
- Desserts: Cheesecake and/or Hot Fudge Sundae. Their homemade whipped cream is delicious, airy and literally like a fluffy cloud.

You also get some chocolate coins at the end of your meal, so spend wisely!

FYI - if you love their steak sauce as much as I do, you can purchase a bottle at a local grocery store.

**Important to note: This establishment only accepts cash, checks with ID and debit cards.

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  • Fern F.
  • Levittown, NY
  • 0 friends
  • 16 reviews
  • 10 photos

Went here for our 35th wedding anniversary and was not disappointed! Started off with a bread basket with yummy bread! We shared a Caesar salad which was not overly saturated in dressing. We then shared a Steak for 2 (which was enough for 3) which was brought to the table sliced and served from the waiter along with German fried potatoes -again plenty for more than 2 people. We wound up taking home the remaining steak and potatoes . We skipped on dessert because we were so full-the waiter had asked us if it was a special occasion and came out with a complementary serving of "Schlag" (freshly made whipped cream. The service was impeccable and we had a wonderful time. Be prepared-they do not take credit cards except for their own-cash or personal check otherwise!

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  • Frank T.
  • Merrick, NY
  • 152 friends
  • 521 reviews
  • 3441 photos
  • Elite ’21

I made sure I got my blood test for cholesterol the morning before I visited Peter Luger in anticipation of some artery clogging delights. First time at Peter Luger's and they did not disappoint. I read the great reviews and had high expectations and was impressed with the overall experience. Worst part of the night was driving on the Northern State Pkwy in the rain and of course traffic delays up to exit we planned on getting off so we exited early and took Shelter Rock Rd and made it to Northern Blvd about 10 minutes late. We were greeted by Valet Parking which was welcomed due to the heavy rain.
Once we entered the restaurant we were warmly greeted by the manager and staff and met our dining companions waiting for us at the bar. We were promptly seated. It was close to 6:00 and there were lots of open tables. By 7:00 the place was packed on a Tuesday night. It was crowded but not too noisy. Nice place for a group or date.
Our waiter Tony was great. He looked liked he worked there many years as did all the other waiters. Has that traditional old school look including staff. I prefer to dress up there but some patrons wore sweatshirts and were very casual. No big deal and the place though traditional is not stuffy.
Since it was our first time at Peter Luger's Tony patiently described our menu choices and recommended what to order. We had 2 difficult diners. One was a vegetarian so there were not many choices for her and the other diner is picky but Tony was able to make everyone happy. PS: Do not ask if the chef will make you a special request dinner. What you see on the menu is what you get.
We ended up getting 2 steaks for 2 since one couple likes medium well and we like medium rare. Of course I had to try the bacon appetizer. That alone is worth the visit. Best bacon I ever had. We also ordered a couple of salads, the German fried potatoes , which was amazing, creamed spinach and broccoli. We also ended up ordering 2 bottles of Ferrari-Carano wine which was very good and reasonably priced at $54. The steak was melt in your mouth incredible although when you get deeper into the cut there were some tough pieces but overall quite enjoyable and perfectly cooked. They have their famous steak sauce which is good but great steaks do not need steak sauce. I save that stuff for the poorer quality meats.
Service was impeccable. These guys are real pros.
After dinner we had to try the apple strudel. I am not that impressed with desserts at restaurants but this was excellent and stuffed with chunks of apples.
The only downside is the price. We spent about $130 per person which isn't too bad since we did order 2 bottles of wine, a brandy and dessert and brought home leftover steak in our old school doggie bag. One other minor complaint is the small wine menu but sometimes simpler is better and who could question a restaurant that survived 130 years!

Peter Luger Is The Best Steakhouse In New York.

If there is any place in New York that understands the art of steak, it is the peerless Peter Luger. If you get to have only one meal in New York, Peter Luger should be in your top three contenders. In fact, the only reason not to go would be because one of your party doesn’t like steak. But if you do like steak, or better still, you love steak, there’s no excuse not to go here. It’s inconvenient for Manhattanites like myself, sure, but it is pretty much the best game in town.

“What, how can you say that,” you ask (quite rightly), “since previously you’ve said the best steak in town is at Keen’s?” My answer: it is true that I think the chateaubriand at Keen’s may in fact be the best steak in the city. And Keen’s is a top-notch steakhouse and offers a wonderful, old New York experience. But in total, the best steakhouse – from tip to toe – is Peter Luger. There’s just something about the whole experience that is beautiful and enlivening.

Landing at Luger's. The exterior, as seen from across the street.

It starts with the shlep. The first thing that gets you going about the place is getting to the place. It’s a commitment. Either you have to multi-subway it, which is inelegant and can take a while but is cheap. More likely you’re going to cab it, which can be cramped, expensive and slow. But since you’re setting off to dinner at Peter Luger, I doubt that cost-consciousness reigns supreme, since you know you’re in for an expensive meal (though not a painfully expensive one). From a Manhattan-centric point of view, it sits on the far side of the Williamsburg bridge. So the first part of the experience is deciding to take that leap off the invisible cliff that surrounds Manhattan. This can mean traffic, but it also locks in a bridge crossing. Cars make a particular sound when they cross bridges. It’s different than when they’re on the street. Crossing the bridge offers a view. All of these little things tickle your senses. Plus they build up the anticipation for arrival at that mecca of meat, Peter Luger.

A fairly typical scene at the bar.

Once you’ve finally landed at Luger’s (tell your cabbie to make the first right turn possible off the bridge, then stay right, you’ll pull right up), chances are excellent you will be greeted by the bustle of the bar. If you’ve come during anything remotely resembling prime time for dinner, you should anticipate a pretty packed place. As you can see, it is brightly lit for a place that opened in 1887 and often filled up with a bunch of guys wearing blazers and a loosened tie. There’s a sound a crowd of men make when they’re boozing it up and having a good a time, my buddy who is a choral conductor could probably tell you the name of that sound. But it involves some chuckling, the occasional burst of laughter and a bass chatter. The gentlemen behind the bar are deeply experienced and seem to be as much a part of the place as the wood, Bavarian-influenced wainscoting. Be warned: this is not the place to order some frou-frou drink. No no. Do not embarrass yourself or your party by ordering something like a cucumber or apple martini. Stick with the basics: scotch, gin and tonic, martini, beer, etc.

Inside one of the dining rooms.

The wait for a table can be considerable. I believe it is possible to make a reservation, although my buddies and I almost never do: I think I’ve made one once over the 20+ years I’ve been going. However, what we’ve found is that if you are honest with the maitre d’ and show respect, your wait time may pass a bit more quickly. I’ve been at the bar at Luger’s listening to some tourist Negative Nancies grousing about how they’ve been waiting for over an hour. That disrespectful display has no place at Luger’s and is frowned upon. Show respect and saddle up to the bar and enjoy a drink or two. Before you know it you will be at your table, with a nice buzz on. Your voices will have melded into that rumbling, happy fugue I mentioned earlier.

Now that you’ve landed at your table, what to eat? First lesson: do not ask for a menu. You do not need one and will identify yourself as not just as a tourist but also as an idiot. You should, however, feel free to consult the wine list – indeed I’d suggest having a bottle or two with your meal.

Here is what you should order, plain and simple.

Some shrimp to start. Thick, juicy, pop when you bite 'em.

Chances are excellent that by the time you’ve landed at the table you are wildly hungry. The smell of the place and the drinks at the bar and the anticipation will have all worked their magic on you. Do not eat the bread, I don’t care how hungry you are. You will be wasting valuable stomach space on it. Unless you’re hammered when you walked into the joint, I’d make the same argument about beer – leave aside these hefty carbs for now. Show discipline. If you’re very hungry, start with some shrimp. We generally order “shrimp for the table.” The waiter will do a quick headcount and bring an appropriate number of pieces. There were three of us on this particular run, so we wound up with six pieces. I consider the shrimp optional, and really how hungry you are when you land should determine if you get them. As you can see they are a substantial size and are pretty much as good (if not better) than they look. Fresh and delicious. If you are feeling somewhat adventurous or looking for something different, you might consider getting the tomato and onion appetizer, in which you are served thick slices of beefsteak tomatoes and onions. That dish, by the way, is the only one at Luger’s I would consider adding their steak sauce to – it adds some zip to the tomato. But chances are you won’t have ordered it.

There it is. Unrivaled. The best in the city.

Now the important stuff begins. Get the bacon. Get the bacon. Get the bacon. Get the bacon.

The bacon at Peter Luger is the best damn bacon I’ve ever had. I never knew that bacon could be so damn delicious until I had it there. I know that seems inconceivable, since bacon is now a ubiquitous internet meme and widely acknowledged as making just about everything better. But it might not occur to some folks to order bacon ahead of a steak dinner. Whoever dreamed this up should have a carved rendering of his bust put into some museum somewhere. Just look at that bacon. It is thick, sizzles and is smoky and wonderful. Get a piece for everyone at the table, and hope you can help someone finish theirs.

I am convinced that this is the white elephant that every other steakhouse is chasing and can’t catch. Nobody does bacon like Luger’s. It is fat and amazing. It’s like steak. That is why it is such a mistake for Keen’s to have abandoned their unique way of preparing it to chase after Luger’s style. You can’t catch Luger’s, don’t even try, plant your own flag and dance with the one that brung you, you know? Many have tried to replicate Luger’s bacon, none get it just right. Luger’s does every time.

Above is what you’ll see when you’ve ordered steak for three and the waiters complete serving you. That is, by the way, what you should order at Luger’s: “steak for x,” where x is the number of your party. There’s no point to going to Luger’s alone, so get steak for two, three, four etc. You can of course get two steaks for two if you want them prepared differently, but I am sure you’ve figured that out by now. There are only three temperatures to consider: rare, medium rare and medium. I am sure you can get well done if you want, but that is an infamnia.

Let us take a closer look at the steak itself.

First of all, the steak you’ll be getting is a porterhouse. While I assume most of you know this, a porterhouse is a t-bone steak with different types of meat on either side of the bone. On one side, you get filet mignon, which is sweeter and more delicate. On the other, sirloin, which has more chew and is more robust and “steaky.” Peter Luger serves USDA PRIME beef, usually from the Midwest, that they age themselves. Once it is properly aged, they butcher and broil it into the perfection you’re reading about now. It is sliced before it reaches your table, and then individual pieces are plated and doled out. Note the thin, crispy layer of char you can see above.

Just look at that. Note the color.

We almost always order medium-rare steak. That way there’s something for everyone. The pieces at the end of the steak or on the medium side, the pieces in the middle pink and rare, the pieces in between the tri-colored perfection of medium-rare. You’re looking at some rare filet mignon above. If your mouth isn’t watering by now you must be dead or blind. Also, as you can see, they spoon the pot liquor over the pieces as they serve it. That means butter. Holy crow.

The result is as follows: when you bite into a piece of medium-rare steak from Peter Luger, you get a moment of crispy, charred bark tension. That gives way almost instantly as you sink your teeth into the meat. And then, some kind of alchemy occurs, and the whole thing evaporates in your mouth into a steak perfume. The experience is remarkable. You don’t chew, you bite and then whoosh! It’s gone, leaving behind steak and butter flavor that will make meat-eaters swoon. It’s insane. I don’t know how they do it.

A typical plating, minus a piece of steak.

In the above picture you get a good sense of a typical tri-colored piece of medium-rare steak. You also see the sides you’ll be ordering for the table: potatoes and spinach. We prefer the hash browns to the fries, but to each their own. Hopefully you paid attention and didn’t load up on bread, because by now you’ll be regretting it. The potatoes are rich, the spinach is creamy, your eyes will probably rolled into the back of your head at least once by this point in the meal.

And you shall know me by the trail of the dead. .

Even for three fairly big guys it’s a challenge to finish the steak. By the way, feel free to carve up the meat closest to the bone. Generally it’s a bit more chewy and fatty – the servers have chopped up the main part of the steak for you. In the picture above you can really see that char I was mentioning quite well – it’s a key component to the flavor.

Despite having eaten all that you think you can, your meal is not over yet. You may think it is, but you’re wrong. There’s more to be done. Chances are you’ll want coffee or an after-dinner scotch. In any event, get the pecan pie.

The hits just keep on coming.

Look, all desserts at Peter Luger are wonderful, I am sure. But their pecan pie is special. The crust is flaky, the filling has the right balance of chunky pecans and butter. Even though you’d be quite correct to think you should eat it as it is served, in fact you are mistaken. One further step is required: a generous dollop of shlag.

Can you see the pie beneath the shlag? No? That is the correct amount.

Another thing Peter Luger gets right is shlag. I believe it is a well known constant in the universe that shlag makes just about everything better. Do not deprive yourself of Peter Luger’s artful, thick, sweet, vanilla-y perfect take on it. It is so thick you could practically use it to sculpt an architectural model if you want.

They serve the shlag in a large communal bowl for everyone’s enjoyment. They also serve up large, gold-wrapped chocolate coins. Do you need any instructions here? Unwrap the coin, scoop up shlag, eat.

This was excessive. Delicious, but excessive.

At this point my companions and I were well on our way to drunkville following the martini at the bar, a bottle or two (three?) of wine, and an orgy of steak. Just for the sake of variety we also got a chocolate sundae, it was sensational, but in my opinion stick with the pecan pie. Above you can see some of those chocolate coins on the table as well.

As far as cost of the experience goes, well the meal will set you back at least $100 per person. That seems a pretty safe bet. Then there’s transportation and wine to consider, which can really get expensive fast. If you roll in with $200 on you – and your comrades have the same – you’ll be ok. Important note: Peter Luger does not accept credit cards (other than their own Peter Luger card). For the vast majority of people, then, it means it is a cash-only joint.

Now the only trick is getting home. You may feel like you need an ambulance. You may be so happy and content that you feel you’re practically floating (this is my typical state after a dinner at Peter Luger). You may also feel a strong urge to work off some of the massive calorie bomb you’ve just dropped on yourself. While the Williamsburg bridge is no Brooklyn Bridge in terms of elegance and views, it is nearby. If the weather is nice, I enjoy walking across it to Manhattan afterward. It gives you a chance to pump some air into your lungs (or smoke a cigar if you are so inclined), sober up a touch, and see some wonderful New York City views. Alternatively, there are generally cabs available at Luger’s, it is a very popular place, so you can usually hail one if you are so inclined. A subway isn’t far, either.

As you can tell, it is a rapturous experience, and should be tried by not only every meat-eating New Yorker, but just about anybody coming to this town as well.


Feeding the who&rsquos who since 1885, Keen&rsquos is the only survivor of the Herald Square Theatre. There's incredible history inside these walls, but the steak takes second stage to no one. The only problem you'll have at this iconic steakhouse is answering this question: &ldquoDo you order (while technically not a steak) the legendary Mutton Chop or their King's Cut Prime Rib?&rdquo Whatever plate you choose, Puma says you&rsquoll &ldquohave an amazing experience in one of NYC&rsquos oldest Steakhouses."

Peter lugers

Is peter lugers a must visit? and what steakhouse do you recommend?

Hahaha - thanks, Irish Fan! I’ll make good use of them.

#10 Well, you are technically correct, of course.

But we of long memories remember when it was “Carl Luger’s Café, Billiards and Bowling Alley”.

And, even current owners and management sometimes slip into historic spelling -- this from the icon's current history page, for example:

"If selected, the short loins and shells are then brought to the on-site dry aging facilities at either restaurant. Here, they are kept under carefully regulated conditions that are controlled for temperature, humidity and air circulation. Once properly aged, the short loins are butchered, trimmed and brought up to the kitchen for broiling. This zealous selection process ensures that when a steak hits the plate at Peter Luger’s, it’s among the country’s finest."

It is worth checking out the history if for no reason other than to see a great photo of Carl Luger.

Best steak house midtown manhattan

best steak needed for first night not fancy but basic american. any advice appreciated

Although not in Midtown Manhattan, I do (and others will echo this recommendation) that the best 'basic American' steakhouse is Peter Luger's in Brooklyn. It would be a short cab ride from midtown and well worth the drive.

Luger's has and continues to make the top steakhouse list year after year and it has quite a reputation in NYC,

Being a self proclaimed "steak expert", I have to say you will not find any better either in the city or the country,

The service is extremely professional and efficient and their products are top shelf. Huge aged steaks that are picked by hand and prepared to perfection. The sides are large enough to share between two and are of the same great quality. The atmosphere is classic american steakhouse and hasnt changed for years.

If you want basic American, it just does not get any better than this!! for basic info and reservations. There is also another thread going that gives more recomendations and others views.

Just one thing to remember, the establishment accepts only cash (or a Lugers charge card) so bring plenty.

As I said, its not in manhattan, but well worth the short drive in a taxi. definately consider it.

Landmarc @Time Warner, located at Columbus Circle near Central Park. Convenient, not fancy, no reseration needed, not expensive steak dinner. get the strip steak, quite good. Fun to people watch there as it is an upscale mall.

hey voy, is landmarc really considered a steak house? looking at their menu, it seemed to offer quite a variety of dishes.

while definately a place that i would like to visit for dinner (did cocktails there and do love the decor) i dont think it falls under a steakhouse category.

Michael Jordan's steak house is at Grand Central Station which is midtown east and considered to have excellent beef. I've seen the place but haven't tried the steaks yet. Looks pretty swanky and they do use American beef.

Peter Luger's is all about the steak, but be warned, cash only and the place is 100 years old and looks it. And you'll need a taxi to get there.

Also, many people are disaapointed with the gruff, just-business watiers and the "average" sides, like creamed spinach, German potatoes, sliced tomatoes and onions and the bread. The potatoes can be uber-delicious, but you don't go to Luger's for their tomatoes and onions. You go for the meat.

This is their old-fahsioned frozen-in-time German-American formula, and it works. The apple streudel with whipped cream ("schlag") is just like Oma used to make!

Be that as it may, many on this forum rave about Keen's and Del Frisco for steaks. Search "best steaks" on this forum and you'll get lots of previous discussions on this very popular topic.

buca. Does it really matter if Landmarc is a steakhouse as the term may be traditionally defined? (Just a point to ponder -) )

Landmarc has a well-earned reputation for serving several different cuts of steak (filet mignon, rib, strip, hangar, skirt) with fries and a small salad at a very decent price.

Also, it has excellent deals on bottles of wine. They don't jack up the prices like a lot of places do.

Luger's is not in midtown, it's very expensive (cash only, American thank you very much), incredibly difficult to get a reservation, and a cab ride back and forth across the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn will cost more than dinner at Landmarc.

For a first night's dinner, after arriving on a long flight, why subject oneself to that? (And I say that as a Luger's fan).

Also, there is currently a little critter issue. as I mentioned int he Luger post.

A more traditional "steakhouse," also in midtown is Keen's. Good NYC atmosphere in a historic building, and great steak to boot.

buca. Does it really matter if Landmarc is a steakhouse as the term may be traditionally defined? (Just a point to ponder -) )

Landmarc has a well-earned reputation for serving several different cuts of steak (filet mignon, rib, strip, hangar, skirt) with fries and a small salad at a very decent price.

Luger's is not in midtown, it's very expensive (cash only, American thank you very much), incredibly difficult to get a reservation, and a cab ride back and forth across the Williamsburg Bridge into Brooklyn will cost more than dinner at Landmarc.

For a first night's dinner, after arriving on a long flight, why subject oneself to that? (And I say that as a Luger's fan).

Also, there is currently a little critter issue. as I mentioned int he Luger post.

A more traditional "steakhouse," also in midtown is Keen's. Good NYC atmosphere in a historic building, and great steak to boot

Well, no disrespect intended, but if someone asks for "the best steak", Yes, I would take it they are seeking a steakhouse. wouldn't you send them to an establishment that specializes in steaks? I see it as my asking for mexican food and someone sends me to an american place that has a quesadilla appetizer on their menu.

also, was there was a mention of arriving and going right to dinner. (which we did in April,) straight off the plane to the hotel, had some drinks and went to dinner at luger's.

As far as reservations go, they aren't that hard to obtain. A couple of weeks notice should suffice.

As I said before, we had planned on going on a weekend night, but after hearing how fabulous the place was, I wanted to go the night we got there. We called the afternoon we arrived, cancelled our weekend resos and obtained a table that night with not alot of problem. well, Michael did have to drop some names and the bank he works with, but in the end, it was all worth it as it was the best steak I have ever had. bar none. and yes, the bank insists on its upper management having a Luger's card so the cash thing wasn't an issue for us.

Yes Voy, Lugers is a taxi ride away and is a bit on the expensive side (not the most expensive steak house in NYC I'm sure), but if you are looking for a steak dinner to remember, go for Luger's. it won't disappoint. It seems every time my partner goes to NYC on business, his coworkers always end up there and he is more than willing to go.

I am sure Landmarc has excellent steaks and I for one will be going there in the future.

In that same mind set, Houston's in the Citicorp Building has excellent steaks as well. an awesome bleu cheese filet and a prime rib that i would kill for!! The decor is beautiful, the service is always top notch and the live music adds to the evening. Along side their fab steaks, they also have a lot of other items on their menu. several seafood dishes, salads, etc. so it seems there is more to it than recommending just one place when looking for steaks.

One more thing, I am almost positive that at one time or other, EVERY restaurant in NYC has had a rodent problem!! In a city the size of NY and the rodent problem in general, come on, they are everywhere!! To make an issue out of a rat/mouse sighting could and has ruined many a restaurant in the past.

Of all the restaurant kitchens I have been in. way too many to remember, I recall seeing mouse/rat traps, some droppings and torn boxes from rodent infestation.

Anyway, short reply long, my recommendations are Lugers, Landmarc (though remember its not a steakhouse) and Houstons.

Of all three, only Houston's in the Citicorp Building is in midtown where the OP is looking for a great steak.

Watch the video: Peter Luger Steakhouse Secrets. Make the Perfect Steak


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